How to use the Swoop It Up app

Our core service is developing technology that connects swoopers and customers on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step:

Step 1

A Swoop It Up customer opens the app

The customer enters their destination into the “Pick up” box; then continues to pick up contact. From here you can select “Me” or “Someone Else” as the contact.

Step 2

Customer will need to provide a delivery address.

The customer will then add delivery contact information by selecting “Me” or Someone Else”.

Step 3

Customer now needs to select Booking Type and Item Size.

Booking type customer has three options; “Standard” “Express” and “Membership”. Item size customer has three options; “Small” “Medium” and “Large”. Customer also has options to select item to be “Fragile”

Step 4

Customer can now finish booking using their Swoop It Up Wallet, debit/credit card.

Once payment has been processed a “swooper” will arrive at your pick up destination.

Step 5

The swooper takes the item to the destination

The app provides access to turn-by-turn directions.

At the end of each trip, customers can rate Swoopers from 1 to 5 stars. Customers also have the option to give the driver compliments and a tip directly in the app.