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Here are some benefits of using the Swoop It Up app:

  • We are here to help you, by delivering items from you to the right destination. If it’s business or personal we can Swoop It Up!
  • Swoop It Up is here to make it easier for you to return items, whether it needs to be dropped off at the post office, or you need an item delivered to a friend.
  • We provide opportunities for our consumers and independent contractors to be successful entrepreneurs. Let Swoop up return items that can put money back in your pocket or sign up as a Swooper and earn extra income today! ( http://swoopitupinc.com/contractor.html )

Swoop It Up is the delivery service for your everyday needs. Have you been meaning to return packages, and have not had time to return them? The Swoop It Up App and our Swooper contractors will take care of this problem for you! This service is run by an app that you can download for free on any iOS or Android handheld device. A Swooper (independent contractor) will pick up your items, and deliver them to your desired destination; whether you are a consumer or a business, Swoop It Up can meet your needs!

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Are you interested in being an independent contractor for Swoop It Up, signing up for our business subscription, or just need help placing an order for a Swoop It Up? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at customercare@swoopitupinc.com


What we offer


Become a swooper today! A swooper is an independent contractor who will have access to the Swoop It Up driver app. Download the “Swooper” app to begin your application to register for the role.Through Swoop It Up, you will learn how to become a top independent contractor, learn tax benefits, as well as learn the ropes of being an entrepreneur. If you are under the age of 18, you will also find the consent form that requires your parent or guardian to fill out in order for you to become a Swooper. Download form


Standard Swoop It Up order is your basic order. A Swooper will pick up your package, and drop it off to your requested destination; however, they will also have the option to pick up multiple packages on the way to your drop off destination.


Express Swoop It Up order; you can schedule a pick up for your item. After the contracted Swooper picks up your item, they will go directly to your designated drop-off destination.


• Membership Option A. 10% discount, 75 items
• Membership Option B. 15% discount, 150 items
• Membership Option C. 20% discount, 200 items


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